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natural & candid wedding storytelling

Well firstly, hello and congratulations on your engagement.

I'm Jemma, I love a good old wedding and I'm lucky enough to be able to call this my job. 

When shooting weddings, its my aim to create a laid-back and relaxed atmosphere for both you and your guests, as this kind of environment really does create the best memories. Documenting the day in a relaxed, informal style means no awkward posing!

About 90% of what I capture happens candidly, in the moment and uncontrived.

For me, these are the best memories; the real ones.

If this sounds like what you're after, then you've come to the right place.


dread the thought of being in front of the camera?

Well you're certainly not alone.

Nearly all of my clients tell me they hate being in front of the camera but I promise, its really not that bad.

The majority of the day will be captured candidly, as it happens and when I whisk you off for your couple 

portraits we'll find a good spot for a wander and a chat and I'll capture you interacting, laughing, kissing.

Of course I'm always on hand to offer guidance and reassurance but absolutely no awkward posing. I promise.


frequently asked questions.

where are you based and do you travel?

I'm based in Redhill, Surrey but I travel all over the surrounding counties including; Surrey, Sussex, Berkshire, Middlesex & Hampshire.

how long do you spend photographing on the day?

That really is entirely up to you. A typical day would be bridal prep through to the first dance, but it depends how long you'd like me around for.

how many photos will we end up with?

Again that depends on the amount of time I spend with you. For a typical day shooting bridal prep to first dance you can expect at least 500 photos.

how do we receive our photos?

You will have your own private photo gallery on my website, from which all the photos can be downloaded. You will also receive a lovely wooden box and USB with all of the images.

when do we get to see our final images?

Your gallery will be ready  approximately 6-8 weeks after the wedding.

can we make our own prints from the digital files you give us?

Of course, you will have full printing permission for personal use.

do you offer albums?

Absolutely. I offer packages that include albums, or you can choose to purchase them after the wedding.

do you take formal group shots?

Indeed. I would suggest no more than about a dozen of these, as it can take about 30 minutes and you'll most definitely want to get back to drinking and chatting.

how do we secure our date with you?

I just ask for a £300 deposit to secure the date, along with a completed and signed booking form.

we're not keen on having our photo taken.

Thats ok, most of my clients say this to me. My approach is very unobtrusive and I won't ask you to do any awkward posing. Approximately 90% of the day is captured candidly, and when we go off for your couple portraits we'll have a walk and a talk and I'll capture you both interacting, laughing, kissing.

what do we do if it rains?

We try not to worry about it too much! Let's face it, there's nothing we can do about the weather so let's just go with the flow. I always carry a box full of big white golfing umbrellas with me, so if we need to, we'll just accessorise with those.

will you need feeding at the reception?

Yes please. I'll likely have been on the go since quite early in the morning, so a hot meal would be greatly appreciated.

do you have insurance?

I do indeed. It covers all of my equipment and public liability. Your venue may ask for a copy which I can gladly provide.

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